Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lock Road, Poyan 28Apr13

From Danny

Late morning due to overcast weather, dropped by Lock/Malan Road area. The whole place was off-limit for at more than 6 months when they moved everyone out but somehow physically not much changes except for barrier parking (Sunday free) but the tenants have changed to the arti type. Very quiet on Sunday, only two cars around. The path to Earth's Trail has been blocked off and overgrown with bushes and fallen trees. Bird-wise, nothing unusual except for a Red-billed Blue Magpie (didn't see for a year or more) who perched well but between birder and his car. It flew off when I try to reach for my scope in the car.

In the late afternoon, I visited CCK Columbarium where my grandmother RIP before heading to NSA gate. Just passed the Buffy point heard the Blue-winged Pitta calling on the left side of the road. Parked my car outside NSA gate and walked back to where the call was loudest. The call stopped when I got close, apparently the pitta spotted me. When I walked away it started calling again. I tried playback no movement detected. As I went back to NSA gate, another Pitta call came from the right, the gate (recalled we used to drive thru' jut next to NSA) was wide open. I walked in about 20 meters where the call was loudest. A short playback, the pitta flew out with its distinct blue wings and red vent. Within 50 meters, two BW Pittas stood their grounds and calling loudly for mate. The last BW Pitta was seen during the recent census. Don't think they are passing thru', possibly looking for female to breed.
Pasir Ris Park 27Apr13

From Con

I went over to PRP and there was Martin Kennewell on the boardwalk (7052 species). He had his video gear and said the Schrenck's Bittern was over there, far and difficult to see. And just then the bittern decided to come relatively close and in short order I had a few acceptable shots.

This one must be a female and the one we had in 2006 a juvenile male.
Hort Park 21Apr13

From Danny

Last Sunday, I went over to the matured residential area with the typical colonial black/white bungalows clustered between AYE and Hort Park. I parked my car at the junction of Hyderabad and Canterbury Road, infront of a heritage tree (unlikely to fall). On foot, I found out it was a huge place with matured trees.

The highlight was an adult Crested Goshawk with well developed crest, perched on a bare tree at Winchester Road facing Normanton Park, not sure it was the same adult bird I saw at the forest patch between Malan Road and TB Street 31? It took me almost 20 min to walk back to my car and drove over but the raptor had left, no pic.

This is a nice place to walk and bird with shady trees and friendly residents.
Japan 12, 15Apr13

From Yamane

I visited some places in these days. I report as follows: I attached the pictures of * species.

Barn Swallow

12. Apr. 2013 Hayama (Morito River Upperstream/Mineyama) 10:00-15:00

1. Japanese Green Woodpecker
2. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
3. Oriental Turtle Dove
4. Gray-faced Buzzard
5. Black Kite
6. Japanese Cormorant*
7. Jungle Crow
8. Blue Rock Thrush female
9. Blue-and-white Flycatcher* 3 are keeping their territories with songs for their breeding.
10. Varied Tit
11. Japanese Tit
12. Long-tailed Tit
13. Barn Swallow*
14. Brown-eared Bulbul
15. Japanese White-eye
16. Japanese Bush Warbler
17. Eastern Crowned Warbler (only hearing song)
18. Eurasian Tree Sparrow
19. Japanese Pied Wagtail
20. Black-faced Bunting

15. Apr. 2013 Mitsuzawa Park 8:30-11:00

1. Japanese Green Woodpecker
2. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
3. Oriental Turtle Dove
4. Gray-faced Buzzard
5. Carrion Crow
6. Jungle Crow
7. Dusky Thrush
8. White-cheeked Starling
9. Varied Tit
10. Japanese Tit
11. Long-tailed Tit
12. Barn Swallow
13. Brown-eared Bulbul
14. Japanese White-eye
15. Japanese Bush Warbler
16. Eastern Crowned Warbler (only hearing song)
17. Eurasian Tree Sparrow
18. Hawfinch
19. Black-faced Bunting
Pulau Punggol 7Apr13

From Danny

I went to Pulau Punggol today late afternoon around 5.30 pm. There was no security or heavy vehicle, only one car parked across the opposite side of road. I walked in and saw from afar a couple of senior photographers which I am not familiar with, did not manage to speak with as they were chasing after the whydahs.

The usual birds were around: Little Grebe, whydah, Zitting Cisticola, Yellow Wagtails (no citrine but numbers around 50, much less than in March) and the African escapees like the colourful male Red Bishop. The bird of interest was the Red-throated Pipit, two seen well and flushed at least four. So glad the pond still around without any changes. The sign outside stated end of works at end of June'13, not too far away and likely the birding ground will be around for the next migrant season.

Sime Forest 06Apr13

From KH
Today, we went to Sime Forest as JS needs Blue-rumped Parrot to reach Club 300. There were a bunch of bulbuls (Red-eyed, Cream-vented, Olive-winged), leafbirds (Blue-winged) and sunbirds (Van Hasselt's, Crimson, Brown-throated), as well as Blue-crowned Hanging-parrots, Pink-necked Green-pigeons, 7 Dollarbirds and Banded Woodpecker. However, no Blue-rumped Parrot.

Left: Red-eyed Bulbul, Right: Cream-vented Bulbul

Left: Male Blue-winged Leafbird. Right: Van Hasselt's Sunbird pair