Monday, June 29, 2015

Punggol, Tuas, Pulau Punggol 30May15

From KH

Danny and I went on a hunt for Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo, which has been seen at Punggol End and Tuas. We started at Punggol End. There were no Horsfield's but there was a pair of nesting Blue-throated Bee-eaters. The adult was observed bringing food back to the nest, which is underground.

Moving on to Tuas, we started along Tuas South Ave 1, but no target cuckoo. The only surprise was an over-staying second year Oriental Honey-buzzard.

Then we met up with Choon How at Ave 3 and moved on to another forest patch. However, we dipped at the cuckoo here too.

After Indian rice lunch, Danny and I parted ways with Choon How and we headed to Lorong Halus. Upon reaching, we got news that the target cuckoo has been sighted at Pulau Punggol! Upon reaching, Francis told us that the bird had flown off... After about half an hour, he spotted a second cuckoo and soon we realised there were more than 10 of them - male, female, immature, all were represented. This is a nearly 100% cropped Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweden 5-21May15

From Con

I am off to my ancestral homeland so I won’t be birding locally.

19 May

Today an experienced (40 yrs experience) took me around for a morning of birding. There is a known spot where there is a rather crazy bird. He will come out of the forest and bite your legs and hit you with his wings. You have to use a long stick to keep him away!! To get back into the car had to blow the horn. Then he chases the car down the road!!


We also got black grouse, crested tit, black-throated loon and some other forest birds. But it was really rainy.

Then went to coast and got a flock of about fourty dunlins. Turns out the person who told me they had already gone North was simply wrong. Also broad-billed sandpiper, sanderling and some more.