Monday, October 21, 2013

Changi, Pasir Ris Park, Halus 21Sep13

From KH

It was not a birdy day, but a snaky day.

Danny and I started at Hendon Road before heading to Changi grassland. Sad news - most of the left side of the grassland is blocked off. :(

Not a single migrant raptor was seen, only the locals were around - 2 pale CHE, BWKs, WBSEs and Brahminy Kites. Our first snake of the day - an Equatorial Spitting Cobra seen slithering away.

Moving to SAF Yacht Club, we saw some Little Terns, but nothing else.

After a delicious lunch at Loyang Way Food Village, we went to shady Pasir Ris Park mangrove boardwalk.

First up, a black morph Common Golden Web Spider.

Next, a Longfin Snake Eel was sighted hunting in the clear shallow water. Click here for a video from Danny.

A few pairs of mating Coastal Horseshoe Crabs were also seen.

After reading a signboard depicting 4 species of water snakes, we were on the look out. Sure enough, 2 foot-long Gerard's Water Snakes (aka Yellow-lipped Water Snakes) were found in the shallows. The yellow lips can just be seen from the photos.

Then, Danny spotted a Violet Vinegar Crab cannibalising its own species, almost its size!

Finally, a brightly-coloured Hermit Crab made a showing.

A quick check at Pasir Ris Farmway did not yield any pond heron, but only 2 Little Egrets and a Common Sandpiper.

Our last stop at Lorong Halus and the tidal gates yielded Little Terns and a Yellow Wagtail.

Danny almost stepped on a Painted Bronzeback!

Singapore Strait 15Sep13

From Con

Adult male Japanese Sparrowhawk.