Friday, March 17, 2023

Upper Seletar, Lower Peirce 21Aug21

From KH

Danny, JS & wife, and I went to Upper Seletar for a walk. Nothing too interesting, except for an adult and immature male Blue-winged Leafbirds.

After lunch, I went for a short walk at Lower Peirce. Nice to see a male Blue-eared Kingfisher making dives.

Here are a couple of insects: Traulia azureipennis grasshopper and a Telicota butterfly.

Kranji Marsh 09Aug21

From KH

There is a nice Malaysian Pied-Fantail nest at toilet block at Kranji Marsh. Handphone photo!!

SBWR 05-14Aug21

From Con on 5 Aug

Ruby-cheeked Sunbird male at SBWR near aerie.

Yesterday it was photographed at around 11am.

Today it was seen at around 9am-10:30am.

It should be the same bird that has been around for about a month. First photographed on July 11 around noon at the Mud Experience at SBWR.

From Danny on 5 Aug

Didn't see ruby cheek, just this Common Greenback.

From KH on 7, 9, 14 Aug

No ruby on all 3 attempts. ebird lists:
7 Aug
9 Aug
14 Aug

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Venus Drive 23-27Jul21

From Con and Danny

From Con on 23 Jul

The most interesting bird sighting for me today is the nesting Stork-billed Kingfisher high in a tree at Venus Loop. Nesting in a termite nest high in tree. Never knew Storky nests so high, and not in river bank but rather in termite nest!!

From Danny on 24 Jul

SBKF feeding chick around 12:20pm, according to 2 photographers on site, last feeding was around 10am. Food was a small fish.

From Con on 27 Jul

I went back today to the Storky nest at Venus Drive, still very active.

Upper Peirce 25Jul21

From KH

Sonotrella typica

Serangoon Reservoir 24Jul21

From KH

Today is the Mid-year bird census, and as usual I covered Serangoon Reservoir. Bird-wise, there were just the usual ones. The most interesting would be Javan Munias feeding juveniles.

Other than that, there were these 3 Smooth Otters sand bathing. Can't be comfortable with those rocks, right??

Thomson Nature Park 20Jul21

From KH

I went to Thomson Nature Park today, and saw a juvenile Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo fed by its foster parent Pin-striped Tit-Babbler along Old Upper Thomson Road. As my camera has expired permanently, here's a smartphone shot of the cuckoo.

I was walking along the trail in the park when I suddenly realized that there was a Twin-barred Tree Snake in the tree beside me!

The bigger surprise is yet to come. I quickly whipped out my smartphone to video it. Watch the video till the end and you'll see why I said a bigger surprise awaits.