Monday, January 30, 2017

Dairy Farm Nature Park 10-11Jan17


From KH

A pair of Oriental Scops Owls - both rufous and grey morphs - are roosting on the same tree at Wallace Education Centre. Both Danny and I made our own trips to visit the owls after work. Keita first found the rufous morph and later GC found the grey morph. Good job, guys!

Rufous morph through Kim Chuah's scope ©Danny Lau


I went over during lunchtime with my camera and managed a few record shots.

Grey morph ©Tan KH

Rufous morph ©Tan KH

Con, bearing the pain of toothache, came back from Bali today and rushed down for an SG tick!

Grey morph on 17Jan17 ©Con Foley

Friday, January 27, 2017

Rifle Range, Punggol 06Jan17

From KH
Danny, JS and I went Jelutong Tower today.
  1. Oriental honey-buzzard 1
  2. Black baza 3
  3. Brahminy kite 2
  4. White-bellied sea-eagle 2
  5. Pink-necked green-pigeon 10
  6. Greater coucal 1 heard only
  7. Chestnut-bellied malkoha 1 pair
  8. Violet cuckoo 1
  9. Banded bay cuckoo 1 heard only
  10. Swiftlet spp.
  11. Blue-throated bee-eater 1
  12. Blue-tailed bee-eater 5
  13. Dollarbird 1
  14. Banded woodpecker 1 heard only
  15. Blue-crowned hanging-parrot 2
  16. Greater racket-tailed drongo 2
  17. Barn swallow
  18. Red-rumped swallow 2
  19. Eastern crowned warbler 1
  20. Dark-necked tailorbird 2
  21. Asian brown flycatcher 1
  22. Common hill myna 2 heard only
  23. Olive-winged bulbul 2
  24. Black-headed bulbul 5
  25. Pin-striped tit-babbler 2
  26. Asian fairy-bluebird 1 male
  27. Greater green leafbird 1 male
  28. Blue-winged leafbird 1
  29. Orange-bellied flowerpecker 2
  30. Van Hasselt's sunbird 2
  31. Crimson sunbird 2

Male Greater Green Leafbird ©Lau JS

After lunch, I went to Punggol West to recce. There were 2 Changeable Hawk-eagles and some Blue-tailed Bee-eaters.

Singapore Botanic Gardens 04Jan17

From Con
Oriental Pied-hornbill nesting at Botanic Gardens this morning.

Pulau Ubin 1-2Jan17

Con, Danny and JS were back on Pulau Ubin on both days.


From Con

Got the female Black Hornbill!

From JS

Got the Mountain Imperial Pigeon.

From Danny

Got the Imperial Eagle perched on the botak coconut tree as yesterday.


From Con

Male Cinnamon-headed Green-pigeon. There were up to 12 birds!

From Danny

Black Hornbill at Pekan Quarry.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pulau Ubin 31Dec16

From KH
Knowing that the Imperial eagle has been hanging around Pulau Sekudu (aka Frog Island), Con, Danny and I went to Pulau Ubin. JS was still in Korea, so he'll have to make another trip. We waited for a couple of hours at the jetty overlooking Pulau Sekudu, but the eagle didn't show... This bird had first been found on Frog Island by LKS on the 19 Dec 2016 and was since sighted at Changi too.

Nevertheless, it was good to see Grey Plovers, Whimbrels, Common Sandpipers, Great Crested Terns and Grey Herons roosting on the rocks of Pulau Sekudu. Brahminy Kites and White-bellied Sea-eagles also visited the rocks.

Mixed flock of Grey Plovers and Whimbrels

Con left for the female Black Hornbill. After a while, Danny and I left for the mangrove boardwalk, but there were nothing much here.

Soon it was lunchtime and we headed for the main jetty to meet up with Con. When we were reaching, Con informed us that LKS had spotted a Mountain Imperial Pigeon and the female Black Hornbill on the fruiting tree at the HSBC Hub at about 11 am!

Seeing that there were only Pink-necked Green-pigeons, Oriental Pied Hornbills and Asian Glossy Starlings around, we decided to fill our stomach first.

After lunch, I spotted the Mountain Imperial-pigeon and Danny and I quickly spread the news. Fortunately, Con and friend hadn't left the island. See Toh and friend weren't so fortunate as they were already back on the mainland by now, so they quickly took the boat back to Ubin.

After Con left, the female Black Hornbill showed up!

We also solve the mystery of the "Ubin squirrels". There were indeed squirrels on Ubin. Here's a Plantain Squirrel near the HSBC Hub.

Soon it was going to be low tide and time to head back for the imperial eagle. We reached the jetty overlooking Pulau Sekudu at about 4-something. As there were nothing much going on, I spent some time counting the number of Great crested terns. There were about 100 of them.

Then a Great-billed Heron flew past and landed on Pulau Sekudu.

The Eurasian Wild Pigs were also out for dinner.

At about 5:30 pm, the Imperial Eagle flew out from the Ubin mangrove! It has been hiding in the mangrove forest on the Ubin side all this while. After some time, it flew to Pulau Sekudu and that was the closest it got to us before flying back into the mangrove forest at about 6:30 pm. Game over and time to head back.

It's been awhile since I last wrote a list, so here it is:
  1. Red junglefowl 5
  2. Great egret 42
  3. Grey heron 12
  4. Great-billed heron 1
  5. Imperial eagle 1 juvenile
  6. Brahminy kite ~5
  7. White-bellied sea-eagle ~5
  8. Grey plover ~20
  9. Whimbrel ~40
  10. Common sandpiper ~5
  11. Great crested tern 100
  12. Mountain imperial-pigeon 1
  13. Pink-necked green-pigeon ~10
  14. Oriental pied hornbill ~10
  15. Black hornbill 1 female
  16. Large-billed crow 2
  17. Straw-headed bulbul 5 heard
  18. Olive-winged bulbul 2
  19. White-rumped shama 5 heard
  20. Asian glossy starling ~20
  21. Crimson sunbird 2
Pulau Ubin 27Dec16

From GC

Imperial Eagle (juvenile). 27 Dec 2016. Pulau Ubin.
Due to the distance (from Chek Jawa jetty), the bird is best viewed with a spotting scope. It makes a good subject for digiscopy as well.

I went during lunch time to tick of this bird from Changi Beach. Con went to Ubin in the afternoon to tick it off.