Sunday, July 21, 2013

CCK Park 30Jun13

From Danny

White-bellied Sea-eagle juveniles have fledged, able to fly around but still return to nest for fish left behind by adults.

Another interesting sight, Rainbow Lorikeet and Red Lory pairing up - possible hybrid name, R2 Lory.

Japan 09Jun13

From Yamane

I report you about my birding at my favourite place on 9 Jun. Japanese Paradise-flycatchers started brooding!

9. Jun 2013 Hayama/Morito River Upperstream 5:30-14:00

1. Chinese Bamboo Partridge
2. Oriental Turtle Dove
3. Lessor Cockoo
4. Black Kite
5. Common Kingfisher
6. Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
7. Japanese Green Woodpecker
8. Japanese Paradise-flycatcher



* This nest is near the top of the tree, very high place. The photographers have to point their bazooka to the top.
* This pair was taking turns brooding every about 20~40 minutes.
* At least 2 pairs of Japanese Paradise-flycatchers are making their nests, except this pair.

9. Varied Tit
10. Japanese Tit
11. Barn swallow
12. Brown-eared Bulbul
13. Japanese Bush Warbler
14. Asian Stubtail
15. Eastern Crowned Warbler
16. Japanese White-eye
17. Blue-and-white Flycatcher (Male/Female)

This is the broken nest, the place of Red circle, of Blue-and-white Flycatcher by kidnapper who seemed to take chicks away last Friday. Everybody was looking forward to seeing the chicks' flying the nest... * Some pairs of Blue-and white Flycatchers seem to start breeding or brooding.

18. Eurasian Tree Sparoow
19. Meadow Bunting
20. Jungle Crow
21. Carrion Crow

Sentosa 06Jun13

From Con

I finally went to Sentosa today and it wasn’t hard to find the Chinese Hwamei. They were not calling, but a little encouragement with playback got the first one to burst into song just after the waterfall on Imbiah Trail. Then near the top of the trail just before the entrance to Megazip another one, even more vocal was seen. They sure do sing and call loudly! I also heard what I thought was a Blue-winged Pitta but observing the bird carefully I could see that every once in a while the Hwamei made a sound very close to a Blue-winged Pitta.

At both spots were I saw the Hwamei I saw only one bird, I was expecting laughing thrushes to be a bit more social and thought I might see a small flock, but I only saw one at each location. I saw the birds between about 8 am to 9 am.