Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pulau Punggol, Halus, Tampines 27Feb16

From KH
Started the day at Pulau Punggol. Nothing much here, although the African escapees (Common Waxbills and Pin-tailed Whydahs) were still around. The only raptor around was an immature pale Changeable Hawk-eagle.

At Halus, the Baya Weavers were nesting by the roadside.

The immature Ashy Tailorbird (left) sat on a branch calling for its parents. The juvenile Common Tailorbirds (right), on the other hand, were more insistent, chasing their parents around, begging for food.

The male Common Iora was in breeding plumage.

A dark Changeable Hawk-eagle was chased by a Large-billed Crow.

At Tampines Eco Green, the star bird was the male Cinnamon-headed Green-pigeon (left); apparently there were two. On the right is a male Pink-necked Green-pigeon for comparison.

A male Oriental Magpie-robin was very cooperative, to the delight of some photographers.

Finally, a feeding female Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker to round up the day's birding.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pulau Punggol 25Jan16

From GC

Recent records - 25 Jan 2016 @ Punggol Barat after rain
1. Common Kestrel, adult male x 1
2. Booted Eagle, dark morph x 1
3. Japanese Sparrowhawk x 1
4. Black Baza x 3

Common Kestrel

Red-rumped Swallow
CCK Park 19Jan16

From Danny

This evening around 7.15 pm spotted an owl flew onto the flame of forest tree while I was chatting with a fellow park user at CCK carpark, it was too dark to id but definitely a large owl. Went back home to take my camera, torchlight and bins from my car but Jia Sheng yet to be home. By the time (more than 5 mins) I got back could not locate at its previous location. However after a short thorough check, found it on another branch. With torchlight and struggling with my bins on another hand managed to confirm a Buffy. It had a rat and was feasting on it. Struggling to take shot with torchlight on one hand, almost ridiculous. Finally manage to get a passer by help but owl flew off while I search for torch bearer.

First time Buffy at CCK, guess it got tired of fish, need to get some meat. Time to look for a headlight like the one with Con.