Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SBWR 25Mar16

From KH

A Brown booby had been photographed at Sungei Buloh platform 1 on 21 Mar and has been hanging around till yesterday. Today, many photographers and birders tried our luck but the bird was a big no-show.

Nevertheless, a Common Sandpiper came close enough for photography.

While waiting for the booby, the fishes - Banded Archerfish, Spot-tail Needlefish (below), Stripe-nosed Halfbeak, Green Chromide and Tilapia - entertained us.

After giving up, we found a Batik Golden Web Spider wrapping up its dinner.

The star birds today was a family of 3 Buffy Fish-owls right at the old carpark that is no longer in use. The chick was on a bird's nest fern high up. It was panting under the hot sun.