Saturday, May 26, 2012

Peirce Area 06Feb10

From Danny

A pair of adult Chestnut-winged Babblers were spotted on 6 Feb 2010 at Nee Soon Swamp responding to playback of call, note not the song, possibly an engaged pair. It's time of the year to prepare for breeding. From video, notice how the babblers call out thru the gullet air sags exposing the white patches. At end of video when both babblers were side by side, the bird on the left had relatively larger white patches & more active, likely a male.

Here's the Dark-sided Flycatcher at Mousedeer Trail.

From KH

The first interesting creatures at the Nee Soon Pipeline were non-avian. There was a Malayan Brown Snake in the paddle. Can't really tell the length, but it's definitely more than 2 feet.

The other creature of interest here was the nymph of a Flatid Bug.

Nee Soon Swamp

Banded Bay Cuckoo 1 calling while in flight
RC Barbet 2 heard
CW Babbler 2
ST Babbler >4
Little Spiderhunter 1
Asian Brown FC 1
Arctic Warbler 2
CV Bulbul 2
OW Bulbul >3
and the usual sunbirds, OB flowerpeckers, tailorbirds, dollarbirds, bee-eaters

Mousedeer Trail

CB Malkoha 1
Dark-sided FC 1
1st winter male SB Robin 1

Lower Peirce

Banded Woodpecker 1
ST Babbler >2
female SB Robin 1
Arctic Warbler 2
CV Bulbul 2
OW Bulbul 2
and the usual drongos, striped tit babblers, tailorbirds

A Black-backed Kingfisher

and a Greater Racket-tailed Drongo were the main cast at Lower Peirce keeping us company during the hot afternoon.

Came evening time, the Lower Peirce bathing party began. This Cream-vented Bulbul (left) was amongst the bathing party. So was the Olive-winged Bulbul (right).

A Female Siberian Blue Robin

and Short-tailed Babblers are also part of the bathing party.

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